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How to create business cards using android app


How to create business cards using android app

Business Card Maker is an application to create business cards, available for Android.
For some reason, while for Android (and iOS) there are several applications (mostly free) to create business cards (and also to digitize and archive them), there are very few for PCs (even fewer if we talk about dedicated tools for digitize and archive these tickets).
Business Card Maker can be used in two ways: either starting from a model (template) that we can modify to our liking, or even from scratch, adding text (several fonts are available), background, stickers and more.
Usage is enough simple and suitable for everyone: just make a few attempts and you will immediately get the hang of it.
The text can be further modified (in size, curvature, slant, etc.).
As always in this type of app, the basic fonts (the same goes for backgrounds, stickers, etc.) are free, while if we are looking for a greater choice we have to buy them separately.
Our tickets can be saved in a proprietary format of the app, in order to be modified later, or directly as an image, as well as shared on social networks.
Business Card Maker is an Android application; the app suggested below for iPhone/iOS, however, has pretty much the same name and is definitely noteworthy.

Source: Business Card Maker 

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