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ChatGPT Plus is official: price and rollout

February 1, 2023


ChatGPT Plus is official: price and rollout Feb 1, 2023

ChatGPT Plus is official: price and rollout

All confirmed, or almost: ChatGPT Plus makes its official debut, what can be defined as the premium version of the chatbot created by OpenAI. A subscription formula with monthly prices starting from 20 dollars per month, aimed at those who leverage technology in ways and for purposes that require high performance.


$20/month for ChatGPT Plus

The debut of what is defined as a pilot program will take place within the next few weeks, starting from the United States, and then gradually reaching the other territories. Among the advantages offered to those who choose to dip into their wallets, there are guaranteed access to the system, even during times characterized by peak workloads and reduced response times, as well as the possibility of previewing new improvements and features.

OpenAI has published a form to fill out, reserved for those who wish to get in line and receive the invitation necessary to try ChatGPT Plus. All in all, a waiting list.

Nonetheless, the organization will continue to keep the free version of the chatbot operational, as stated in the official blog post announcing the paid subscription.

In his speech, OpenAI also mentions plans for the future. The declared intention is to continue to perfect the offer taking into consideration feedback and expressed needs, not ruling out the possibility of introducing further subscription plans, characterized by lower economic outlays or reserved for business users.

Source: OpenAI 
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