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How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF

The main advantage of .pdf files is that they are displayed in the same way regardless of the platform on which
they are opened. JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, Illustrator… any file from almost any program can be transformed or integrated
into a .pdf file. In this tutorial, we show you how to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF.
We will use the Free PDF Convert site to perform the operation.
This free service is not limited to images. In addition to being able to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF,
you can also convert your Office documents (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) to PDF.
Access the website
How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF

The conversion starts automatically as soon as the file is loaded


Once the conversion is complete, click Create PDF and then click Download to retrieve your file.

How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF
How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF
The conversion service only allows you to convert a single file every 50 minutes for free.
If you want to convert more, don't panic. There are several alternatives on the web
like or

Merge multiple files into one PDF

You want to merge your converted files into a single PDF? Use the PDF Joiner website
It gives you the ability to convert up to 20 files into PDF simultaneously and then change their layout in a single file.
How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF
. Click the blue Upload files button.
. To change the layout, click and hold a file and drag it to the desired location.
. Once done, click on Join files to get your hands on your PDF.

How to fill in a PDF online before printing

It is also possible to fill in PDFs online before sending them. There are several services for this, including
After uploading your PDF to edit, you can enter text wherever you want, change the font and size, in short, edit your file as you wish.
Then click on the save or print icons (circled in green below) depending on your needs.
How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF
How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF
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