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Microsoft Teams Premium: Artificial intelligence arrives in video calls

February 6, 2023

Microsoft Teams Premium: Artificial intelligence arrives in video calls
Microsoft brings ChatGPT Artificial intelligence into Teams Premium and introduces a ton of powerful business-friendly features
The success of ChatGPT is unstoppable, it's even scaring Google. The technology based on artificial intelligence is the subject of a multi-billion dollar investment by Microsoft (about 10 billion dollars) in OpenAI, the startup that developed it. This investment has already borne the first fruits: Microsoft has announced that ChatGPT 3.5 will soon be integrated into Teams Premium, the paid version of the videocall and smart working platform launched in October 2022.

What's new in Teams Premium

Among the new functions implemented in Teams Premium, made possible by the integration with ChatGPT, there will be intelligent summary of the video call. Auto-generated notes, highlights and recommended activities will summarize all the most important information discussed in the virtual meeting. Plus, Smart Summarizing turns speech into text, broken into chapters, and integrated with PowerPoint Live, so you can instantly create effective presentations.
The recorded video of the meeting will be supplemented by timeline markers which will indicate only to the person requesting them, their periods of presence and absence from the meeting. The markers will also indicate to us the moments in which someone has nominated us or if any screenshots have been shown. Also, in a few months, markers will be added that will indicate each speaker's name and the periods in which they spoke.
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