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The 5 best tutorials for learning php in 2022


Why Learn PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language which is mainly used to create dynamic web pages.
You will see PHP doing things like generating interactive content, collecting form data, sending information to visitors
and user authentication. It is also the backbone of WordPress and its plugins, which add all sorts of functionality to the CMS.
With PHP, you can do almost anything.

1. Official PHP Manual

It is the best place to start because it is the official documentation of the creators of PHP.
This guide accompanies you in everything related to PHP,from the introduction to PHP to the installation and understanding
of the basic syntax. It's a wonderful first reading, especially if you are already used to reading programming documentation.

Official PHP Manual

The 5 best tutorials for learning php in 2022

2. W3Schools PHP tutorial

W3Schools is a great resource for novice web developers of any age. Its guides are very simple and easy to follow,
plus there are lots of references and examples to look at and lots of exercises and quizzes to help you memorize PHP notions.
It is also possible to get W3Schools certification online.
If you want to learn a new programming language and you are looking for tutorials easy to use, consult the W3Schools documentation.

W3Schools PHP tutorial

The 5 best tutorials for learning php in 2022

3. GeeksforGeeks PHP tutorial

Many of these free resources explain the basics and not much else. This gigantic tutorial series surpasses them all, covering all functions
and the libraries that PHP has to offer. It's not so much a guide as it is documentation, so if you liked the official PHP manual
but want something more substantial, take a look at this site.

GeeksforGeeks PHP tutorial

The 5 best tutorials for learning php in 2022

4. TutorialsPoint PHP tutorial

Here is another huge resource for learning PHP, but, instead of being structured in very simple, documentation-style pages,
it is organized more as a tutorial series. There are a lot of things in here, from the basics to more advanced topics, plus examples of using PHP for login,
modules and with AJAX.

TutorialsPoint PHP tutorial

The 5 best tutorials for learning php in 2022

5. Learn PHP in Y Minutes

Do you want to learn PHP quickly? This document goes over everything briefly and with no frills, just code. There are no slowdowns
or long explanations, manages to condense PHP into a single page. Great if you like them
the tutorials that go straight to the point.

Learn PHP in Y Minutes

The 5 best tutorials for learning php in 2022
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