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Visual Studio IntelliSense Not Working? What To Do.


Visual Studio IntelliSense is an instance of automatic code completion. Microsoft first introduced it in 1996, but they based the tool on a lot of existing concepts of automatic code completion and syntax checking.

Visual Studio IntelliSense Not Working? What To Do.

You can try these following workarround

Visual Studio IntelliSense Not Working? What To Do.

If all of the above didn’t work, it’s time to verify some configurations in Visual Studio itself. Go to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> All Languages -> General.
Make sure “Auto List Members” is checked. Also, make sure “Parameter Information” is checked.

There are a few other configurations you should check out, too. Still under Text Editor, go to “Basic” and then “IntelliSense.” Make sure you have the following three checked:

Show completion list after a character is typed
Highlight matching portions of completion list items
Show completion item filters
Now, what if you’ve got all of the options above checked and it still doesn’t work? It will sound silly (again), but here goes: try unchecking all of them and then checking them again. Then click on “OK” and see if everything works fine.

Still nothing? Well, you’re out of luck then because the next step is pretty extreme.
The last workaround

Reinstall Visual Studio

Having to reinstall Visual Studio is definitely a huge bummer. If things get to this point, you’re in for loads of wasted time. Still worth it? In my opinion, definitely.
Just think about the loss of productivity you’d incur by not using IntelliSense in the first place.

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