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Amazon Alexa ready for the revolution with ChatGPT

May 9, 2023

Amazon Alexa ready for the revolution with ChatGPT

A new version of Amazon Alexa will use a GPT-4 style language model, bringing unprecedented intelligence and automation to the smart home

Voice assistants have revolutionized our lifestyle at home because, integrated into smart home ecosystems , they are able to perform tasks such as controlling lights and appliances with a few simple commands, but also surfing the web to answer our research questions.

However, an increasingly sophisticated range of chatbots like ChatGPT may soon make them obsolete. This feeling also emerges from some internal Amazon documents , partially shared by the Business Insider newspaper , which hint at drastic changes coming to Alexa , in order to make it smarter than ever and position itself at the forefront for years to come.


New plans for Alexa after mass layoffs


With the massive layoffs undertaken last year, Amazon faced a major setback. Meanwhile, OpenAI's technology and its integration into Microsoft's Bing have caused quite a stir, giving Google a hard time, which is pushing to make Bard more accessible .

After last year's large-scale job cuts, Amazon now seems intent on taking Alexa's capabilities to a whole new level. The goal is to make it “ thinking ”. Sealing this new release will be the large language model (LLM) developed internally by the company and which today drives the iterations of its virtual assistant. But the Alexa Teacher Model obviously needs an overhaul.


Alexa is about to be boosted to compete with ChatGPT


Amazon is already hard at work evolving this LLM, perhaps even tapping into GPT-4 that powers ChatGPT, so that the future version of Alexa can be much smarter and engage in conversations like never before. A considerable effort compared to simple requests for information or commands that only require you to retrieve data from a database .

The “Alexa LLM Entertainment Use Cases” open up a world of possibilities for users: from bedtime stories adapted to the requests of an eight-year-old child , to rich interactive experiences with the Echo Show and the possibility of interfacing with augmented reality.

Furthermore, thanks to partnerships with companies such as Disney and Lego , users will be able to access exclusive content that would otherwise be inaccessible. Alexa will be able to establish a more conversational conversation with the user by dispensing recommendations on news, media and more in a very personal way. But he will be able to elaborate tailor-made answers even in the case of imprecise questions.
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