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How to do it? create, download & install software
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IDE & Programming languages

How to create Paint tool in VB .Net
How can we do animations with only CSS
How to create horizontal menu in CSS
How to create menu with css and javascript
How to make Drag and Drop in HTML 5 and JavaScript API
How to create sign up form with HTML and CSS
How do you make a border radius round in CSS?
How to create a chat application with PHP and HTML in just few steps
How to copy text to clipboard using html, css and javascript
How to install Java 8 on Windows
How to install Netbeans IDE 13 for java
How to install Eclipse among the best software on Windows
How to install Python on Windows
How to write your first Python program
How to install XAMPP (with Apache, MySQL & phpMyAdmin) on Windows
How to install Node.js and NPM on Windows
How to install Android studio on Windows
How to install Microsoft Visual studio 2022
The 5 best tutorials for learning php in 2022

Find the best software to download

SQL & Database

How to install SQLite on Windows
How to install Oracle Database 19c on Windows
How to install PostgreSQL 14.2 on Windows
How to easily store and manage images in MySQL database

Find the best software to download


How to install Inno Studio Script
How to create an installer from Visual Studio
How to create an installer using Inno Setup

Find the best software to download


How to create Partition in Windows 10 and Windows 11
How to change system language on Windows 10
How to resolve Windows Update Problems
Find and Fix Screen Resolution Problems in Windows
What should I do after installing Windows 11
How to Fix a Windows 11 (Windows 10) Infinite Reboot Loop
How to show/hide hidden files on Windows

Find the best software to download


How to make a Background Transparent in GIMP
How to create Transparent Image in Paint.NET on Windows
How to optimize image with GIMP for your website
How to turn a photo into a drawing in Photoshop
How to convert a JPG or PNG image to PDF

Find the best software to download


How to make a Video from Photos
5 Best website to Convert Images into Video to Create Movies and Animation

Find the best software to download


How to secure your passwords with Keepass

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