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Baidu's ChatGPT

March 4, 2023


Baidu's ChatGPT

China also rushes to develop its own ChatGPT in response to OpenAI, Microsoft and Google: what to expect from conversational AI

 023 will probably be a memorable year for artificial intelligence . While questions and doubts about ChatGPT are multiplying , especially regarding its security, it seems that the Chinese online search giant Baidu is planning to launch its own version of the conversational chatbot which should arrive in March .

Baidu could beat both US giants Microsoft and Google by introducing its ChatGPT rival, as well as AI-powered searches, in March.
For the moment it is an anticipation reported by the editorial staff of Bloomberg , which has informed that it is aware of the plans of the well-known Asian company. More than enough to sound the alarm in the virtual war of primacy between the US and China in a sector, that of conversational AI, which has become explosive in the space of a few months.

Baidu version of ChatGPT coming this year


The AI ​​chatbot , which has not yet been named yet, is expected to be integrated into major search services Baidu . The executives would have invested heavily in the Ernie system , an AI tool that engineers have been working on for several years now and which will form the basis of the Chinese GPT Chat .

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