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Bill Gates' year-end letter: “This awaits us in the near future”

Dec 24, 2023


Bill Gates' year-end letter: “This awaits us in the near future”

As tradition dictates, Bill Gates wrote his end-of-year letter. “When you look back on 2023, how will you remember it?” he immediately asks himself. The question is rhetorical, and although the founder of Microsoft has long dressed as a contemporary prophet, the answer is almost obvious. 2023 is the year of artificial intelligence (AI). “For the first time I used it for work and not just to joke around and create song lyrics for my friends,” he writes. “The work that will be done over the next year is setting the stage for a huge technology boom at the end of this decade.”

Gates remains optimistic "despite difficult times". In fact, he writes in the letter, artificial intelligence could democratize access to advanced tools and knowledge by "leveling the playing field for people in less wealthy countries". According to the founder of Microsoft, AI is destined to revolutionize key sectors such as healthcare or education. "I have always been a firm believer in the power of innovation and its ability to give every child the same chance to survive and thrive. AI is no exception."


The times of artificial intelligence

According to Bill Gates, it will still take 18-24 months for the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in the United States, three years for Africa. But the same AI should be able to reduce the gap between countries compared to previous digital divisions. “I believe this technology will help reduce the terrible inequities we see around the world,” Gates explains.


The impact on health

In the letter he also writes that artificial intelligence could tackle antibiotic resistance by providing suggestions to healthcare workers for “the best drug, dosage and duration”. Not only. The Gates Foundation is working on how to use AI to cure azaimer and treat high-risk pregnancies.

Artificial intelligence could also be a valuable resource for creating new drugs. “Drug discovery requires sifting through massive amounts of data, and AI tools can significantly accelerate this process,” Gates writes. “Some companies are already working on cancer drugs developed in this way. But a key priority of the Gates Foundation in AI is to ensure that these tools also address health problems that disproportionately affect the world's poorest, such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria."


Teaching with AI

Gates also looks at the world of education, artificial intelligence can personalize learning experiences, and this approach could revolutionize the educational landscape. “AI tools for teaching today are mind-blowing because they are tailored to each individual student. Some of them, like Khanmigo and MATHia, are already remarkable, and will only get better in the years to come.”


Best wishes from Bill Gates

The letter also touches on other topics, including the fight against malnutrition, climate change, and the elections scheduled for 2024. Gates closes by wishing everyone a little rest while waiting for 2024. "When I was the age of my children, I didn't believe in vacations or weekends. But as I grew up, and especially since I became a father, I realized that there is more to life than work. I hope you are able to take a some time this holiday season to enjoy and relax before we dive into 2024. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful new year.”
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