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Bing AI arrives on the Windows 11 taskbar

March 2, 2023


Bing AI arrives on the Windows 11 taskbar

After Microsoft released its new chatbot on both Bing and Edge, AI is now available in the Windows 11 taskbar , and even the Windows 10 one, through a massive system update . With the new update it is possible to quickly access the features offered by the chatbot, in a similar way to what was possible with Cortana, now definitively replaced by the new AI.
The addition actually comes as a bolt from the blue, since it hasn't even been released in preview in the Windows Insider channel, with which registered users can try the new features before their official release. Those who have already received the update will notice the presence of the new Bing icon in the taskbar search : just hover over it to open the window with which you can quickly start a chat with Bing via edge.
As it stands, the Bing preview with chatbot is being tested with more than one million users in 169 countries, and will reach more before the final release, according to Panos Panay, head of Microsoft's product division . Bing's arrival on the Windows 11 taskbar comes just a week after it was rolled out to the company's smartphone apps and Skype conversations. The chatbot is also preparing to arrive in the Office package , where it is already possible to experiment with its use through a plug-in created by a third-party developer.
The release of the Bing chatbot is also planned for the Phone Link app , available for iOS, with which iPhone or iPad can be connected to Windows. In addition to this, with the new update Microsoft also improves the widget panel, supporting more third-party options, as well as the user experience on touch screen devices, with a new bar optimized for tablets and much more.

Bing AI arrives on the Windows 11 taskbar
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