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Faster replies on Skype with Bing Chat

March 12, 2023

Faster replies on Skype with Bing Chat
Microsoft keeps updating its chatbot based on Prometheus model , customized version of GPT-3.5.
The Redmond company has reduced the latency of Bing Chat responses in Skype , increased the number of shifts (question/answer) and fixed some bugs.
During the event in March 16, integration into Office could be announced and probably an advanced version of the AI ​​model that also supports audio and video.

Bing Chat responds immediately on Skype

The new Bing , which Microsoft defines as the " copilot based on artificial intelligence ", has been available in Skype since the end of February (only for users who have received the invitation).
You can start a one-to-one conversation with the chatbot or a group conversation. Interaction is similar to on the web or within Edge.
However, several users have noticed that the answers are not immediate. Microsoft then made the necessary optimizations to reduce latency by 50%.
The chatbot now responds faster. However, Microsoft recommends downloading the latest version of Skype for desktop or mobile.
The Bing Chat AI model is constantly evolving. Following the feedback received, the Redmond company has decided to limit the number of shifts(questions/answers) to avoid unexpected behavior, but promising to increase it gradually. The initial limit of 5 rounds per session was first increased to 6 and then to 8.
Now the number of rounds per session is 10 .
The initial limit of 50 shifts per day was first raised to 60 and then to 100. Now the maximum number is 120.
Microsoft has promised to further increase the length of conversations, so the numbers will grow in the coming days. Finally, the bugs that caused an error message to appear have been fixed.
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