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Bing : Sharing chat responses and other news

March 18, 2023


Bing : Sharing chat responses and other news

Some news had been announced by Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft. The Redmond company has unveiled the details of the other features that users can test with Bing Chat . One of them is the ability to share chatbot responses. An update also concerns the integration into Skype .

Bing Chat, Sharing and other improvements

The new official blog post lists what's new since March 9. Three of them have already been unveiled by Microsoft in recent days. In Microsoft Edge version 111.0.1661.41 , the new Bing icon was added to the top right corner. Holding the mouse pointer over the icon opens the sidebar, while clicking opens Discover, where you can start a conversation with the chatbot based on the OpenAI GPT-4 model (removed in some countries the waiting list).
In recent days , the maximum number of rounds (Question/Response pair) for each conversation was also increased from 10 to 15 . The maximum number of daily shifts has been increased from 120 to 150 . Microsoft has made some optimizations to Balanced mode so that you have shorter and faster responses. No change for the other two modes (Creative and Precise).
The Redmond company has also added the functionality that allows you to share chatbot responses on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Pinterest. You can also use the persistent link to insert your reply into a conversation started by another user.
Improved the contextual understanding of Creative mode so that you get a better summary of longer documents and pages. Finally, it is possible to use Bing Chat in a group on Skype, even without an invitation . It is enough that at least one participant has been approved to allow everyone to interact with the chatbot, adding @Bing to the beginning of the message.
Source: Microsoft 
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