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Bing now has over 100 million active users thanks to ChatGPT

March 10, 2023

Bing now has over 100 million active users thanks to ChatGPT

The new Bing with ChatGPT is a real success. If once the Microsoft search engine was snubbed by the public, clearly sided with Google for practicality and optimization of search results, now thanks to the integration of the chatbot of the moment it is reaching astonishing figures. There is talk, to be exact, of over 100 million active users daily .

This data was confirmed by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft vice president for Modern Life, Search and Devices. According to what he said, one month after the introduction of the service based on artificial intelligence, the company is experiencing a user boom never seen before . In fact, Mehdi himself observed that a third of users active on Bing today are completely new to the search engine.

Apparently, on average Microsoft sees three chats per session, with over 15 million active conversations . In addition, the introduction of the Prometheus AI model has helped make Bing search results much more relevant, thus leading to dramatic improvements in the use of Microsoft Edge, a browser that is now seeing equally incredible parallel growth.


AI is confirmed as the tool of the moment


By now observers of the tech sector never tire of repeating it and, indeed, it seems an observation that is almost taken for granted: AI is the tool of the moment . By now the various linguistic models are making artificial intelligence even more mainstream and evident than before: it is no longer something mysterious, but tangible and more frequently interactable.

The charm of ChatGPT has conquered companies and citizens , and who knows how much it will convince other people to switch to Bing or, perhaps, to other browsers powered by the same technology such as DuckDuckGo with DuckAssist .

Source: Microsoft 
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