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C# Version 10.0

C# Version 10.0

Released November, 2021

C# 10 adds the following features and enhancements to the C# language:

Record structs
Improvements of structure types
Interpolated string handlers
global using directives
File-scoped namespace declaration
Extended property patterns
Improvements on lambda expressions
Allow const interpolated strings
Record types can seal ToString()
Improved definite assignment
Allow both assignment and declaration in the same deconstruction
Allow AsyncMethodBuilder attribute on methods
CallerArgumentExpression attribute
Enhanced #line pragma

More features were available in preview mode. In order to use these features, you must set to Preview in your project:

Generic attributes later in this article.
static abstract members in interfaces

C# 10 continues work on themes of removing ceremony, separating data from algorithms, and improved performance for the .NET Runtime.

Many of the features mean you'll type less code to express the same concepts. Record structs synthesize many of the same methods that record classes do. Structs and anonymous types support with expressions. Global using directives and file scoped namespace declarations mean you express dependencies and namespace organization more clearly. Lambda improvements makes it easier to declare lambda expressions where they're used. New property patterns and deconstruction improvements create more concise code.

The new interpolated string handlers and


behavior can improve performance. These language features were applied in the .NET Runtime to achieve performance improvements in .NET 6.

C# 10 also marks more of a shift to the yearly cadence for .NET releases. Because not every feature can be completed in a yearly timeframe, you can try a couple of "preview" features in C# 10. Both generic attributes and static abstract members in interfaces can be used, but these preview features may change before their final release.
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