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C# Version 11.0

C# Version 11.0

Released November, 2022

The following features were added in C# 11:

Raw string literals
Generic math support
Generic attributes
UTF-8 string literals
Newlines in string interpolation expressions
List patterns
File-local types
Required members
Auto-default structs
Pattern match Span on a constant string
Extended nameof scope
Numeric IntPtr
ref fields and scoped ref
Improved method group conversion to delegate
Warning wave 7

C# 11 introduces generic math and several features that support that goal. You can write numeric algorithms once for all number types. There's more features to make working with


types easier, like required members and auto-default structs. Working with strings gets easier with Raw string literals, newline in string interpolations, and UTF-8 string literals. Features like file local types enable source generators to be simpler. Finally, list patterns add more support for pattern matching.
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Japanese ritual of tranquility and... slim figure!