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C# Version 8.0

C# Version 8.0

Released September, 2019

C# 8.0 is the first major C# release that specifically targets .NET Core. Some features rely on new CLR capabilities, others on library types added only in .NET Core. C# 8.0 adds the following features and enhancements to the C# language:

Readonly members
Default interface methods
Pattern matching enhancements:

    ⮚Switch expressions
    ⮚Property patterns
    ⮚Tuple patterns
    ⮚Positional patterns

Using declarations
Static local functions
Disposable ref structs
Nullable reference types
Asynchronous streams
Indices and ranges
Null-coalescing assignment
Unmanaged constructed types
Stackalloc in nested expressions
Enhancement of interpolated verbatim strings

Default interface members require enhancements in the CLR. Those features were added in the CLR for .NET Core 3.0. Ranges and indexes, and asynchronous streams require new types in the .NET Core 3.0 libraries. Nullable reference types, while implemented in the compiler, is much more useful when libraries are annotated to provide semantic information regarding the null state of arguments and return values. Those annotations are being added in the .NET Core libraries.
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