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ChatGPT 4 coming soon

March 11, 2023

ChatGPT 4 coming soon

The new version of GPT will have the possibility of using multimodal models, and therefore of responding also through video, images and sound.
Microsoft confirms that it will be much faster and will support video.
The new Bing with Artificial Intelligence uses GPT 3.5, a technology that according to many users has proved to be slow in generating the results and reproduce them on the screen. According to a Microsoft executive, however, GPT-4 should drastically improve the situation , also enabling the possibility of using multimodal models.
The novelty should also guarantee an evolution in terms of effectiveness in the search for information, as well as an improvement in the general performance with which the answers are reproduced on the screen. Andreas Braun , CTO of Microsoft Germany, spoke about it at an event called AI in Focus - Digital Kickoff:
"We will implement Chat GPT-4 next week, and we will have multi-mode models that will offer completely different possibilities than today, as well as video generation"

GPT-4 coming next week: Faster responses and video support

Currently, OpenAI solutions allow you to interact with artificial intelligence only through textual input and output. Through the new multimodal models, however, the interaction methods could change, introducing the possibility of receiving answers in images and sounds . Furthermore, according to rumors not yet officially confirmed, OpenAI would be working on a mobile app based on Chat-GPT 4, capable of generating videos with the assistance of AI.
This possibility was confirmed by Braun during the event, with the implementation of GPT-4 which should open up numerous new ways of interacting with artificial intelligence . The new technology will also be able to generate responses faster than the current model, with text output that will much more closely resemble a conversation with another human. News that will be available on Bing Chat in the near future.
However, the Microsoft executive did not specifically mention when the web service will start providing the benefits of GPT-4 to end users. However, considering that Microsoft has invested billions on OpenAI, it won't be long before the benefits of the latest release of the technology arrive on Bing.
Source: heise online 
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