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ChatGPT comes to Windows 11 and 10 with PowerToys

Apr 19, 2023

ChatGPT comes to Windows 11 and 10 with PowerToys

The Microsoft PowerToys toolset isn't particularly well known, but it's extremely useful as it provides access to features not normally available on Windows, designed to improve the user experience for all users. Sometimes, then, the features introduced through this open source project become part of the operating system of the Redmond giant.
With the boom of ChatGPT and its impact on the technology sector, Microsoft is thinking of bringing the chatbot to more and more computers through PowerToys and not only through Bing Chat : through this solution, Windows 10 and 11 will get the ChatGPT tool in order to allow users to interact with AI in a particularly fast way.

ChatGPT comes to Windows with PowerToys

As shown by Windows Latest, in fact, the independent developer Simone Franco is working with Microsoft on integrating ChatGPT for Windows using the PowerToys Run feature , and it seems aimed at asking questions to the AI ​​directly from the desktop, just as you can see in the screenshot below .
In a nutshell, it will be possible to interact directly with ChatGPT through the search bar for applications for Windows 11, also based on Bing AI in its latest version. However, unlike the system tray integration which acts as a shortcut to Bing AI, Microsoft's ChatGPT tool integrated directly into PowerToys will make it possible to generate specific messages , create content and interact with the user on the page , just like on the official OpenAI chatbot webpage.
This remains just one of the many solutions that Microsoft wants to integrate into Windows to push artificial intelligence , with direct developer support and user feedback.
Source: Windows Latest 
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