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ChatGPT can love hate and go crazy! Here are the chatbot's most bizarre responses

February 14, 2023


ChatGPT can love hate and go crazy! Here are the chatbot's most bizarre responses
If we talk about the technology segment, the month of February 2023 will probably be remembered for the integration of ChatGPT into the Bing search engine. The updated version of the extremely powerful language model developed by OpenAI has been introduced for a limited number of entries, but the lucky ones who have been able to try it are putting the chatbot under pressure, with results that are not always linear.
On paper ChatGPT is able to provide detailed answers to any question based on web databases and even does so in conversational mode, therefore in a very similar way to what could be a dialogue between two human beings. The technology has wowed everyone since it was introduced last year, but a further boost came from its integration into Microsoft's search engine: over 1 million people signed up for the new Bing in the 48 hours after its release.
ChatGPT is certainly impressive and we have reiterated it several times, but it is not free from problems and similarly to any 'sentient' being it is capable of making mistakes. Someone will immediately feel urged to disagree on the sentient word or on any similarities with the human brain, and rightly so since we are essentially talking about a software based on algorithms with self-learning capabilities, which, however precise it may be, is not endowed with the ability to typical human analysis.
Yet, the ability to respond in a reasoned manner and with apparent 'insight' has prompted some users to want to make bizarre tests, asking for improbable things or insisting on multiple requests capable of making even a Tibetan monk lose his patience. In some cases equally bizarre answers followed, sometimes even disturbing... We offer you some collections on the web and we are sure that they will be able to make you smile.
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