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Microsoft Teams Premium now integrates ChatGPT

February 2, 2023


Microsoft Teams Premium now integrates ChatGPT Feb 2, 2023

Microsoft Teams Premium now integrates ChatGPT

From now on, the Microsoft Teams Premium subscription will also include ChatGPT, as video conferencing now benefits from some decidedly innovative functions based precisely on the artificial intelligence of OpenAI.


Microsoft Team Premium: New features based on ChatGPT


The innovations were introduced through OpenAI's GPT-3.5 AI and are different, but that of the intelligent summary is to be considered so important as to justify, according to some, the entire cost of the subscription, which is currently offered at $7 per month (after June 30, 2023 the cost will be $10 per month instead).
The new feature, in fact, can generate intelligent notes even if you are not present at the meeting, thus offering a document to be consulted and shown calmly later.
The text written by the artificial intelligence includes the complete transcript of the video call and the contributions of the individual speakers are automatically highlighted and arranged in the correct timeline sorted by topic and chapter.
If a colleague were to mention another during the meeting, the AI is even able to add a personalized marker for each one, in order to be able to understand "on the fly" when they have been called into question.
Many of the summary features are available now, while others will only become available in the second half of the year.
Further features introduced with the Premium subscription are advanced protections for meetings, which include a kind of watermark and tagging of sensitive content, blocking meeting recordings and copy-pasting chat texts, all should discourage leaks and help keep meetings more private.

Source: Neowin 
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