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Chatgpt used to write malware: Researchers worried

Chatgpt used to write malware: Researchers worried

In a new report published by Kaspersky, researchers show concern about how ChatGPT has become the subject of discussion by hackers , who on underground forums talk about how the chatbot can be used to write new malware and how it can be used for criminal campaigns .

The researchers observe that in the forums most frequented by hackers there would be almost 3000 posts dealing with this topic, with the peak recorded in March 2023.

Kaspersky's Alisa Kulishenko says cybercriminals are talking about various uses for ChatGPT : from using it to write malware code to processing stolen data, analyzing files from infected devices and more. Other alternative AI projects are also of concern, such as XXXGPT and FraudGPT, but also jailbreaks of tools known to unlock additional and malicious features.

However, the hackers are apparently trying to sell or buy stolen paid ChatGPT accounts.

Just a few days ago, OpenAI blocked some chatbots created with ChatGPT : one of these impersonated an American presidential candidate. Precisely in the wake of the next important electoral events, the attention around AI systems is maximum. Precisely for this reason, OpenAI has published a series of anti-fake news guidelines to protect electoral processes.

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