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Cloud, Oracle invests $1.5 billion in Saudi Arabia

February 6, 2023

Cloud, Oracle invests $1.5 billion in Saudi Arabia
The project concerns Riyadh and the expansion of activities in Jeddah is also planned. Big tech is among the first to take advantage of the benefits provided by government contracts
One and a half billion dollars: this is how much Oracle plans to invest in Saudi Arabia in the coming years to build its "cloud footprint" in the kingdom and open its third public cloud region in Riyadh. However, little is known about the project. “We are finalizing plans for the opening of the new region – said Nick Redshaw, senior vice president of Oracle, commenting on the announcement made on the occasion of an important technology conference in the Saudi capital in the presence of global Big Tech -. We are still working with our suppliers before we can announce the effective date."
Redshaw said the investment will be made over several years, without providing details. He added that Oracle will also expand the capacity of its Jeddah cloud region, which the company opened in 2020.
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