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GitHub Copilot: the new version is 'smarter'

GitHub Copilot: the new version is "smarter" Feb 22, 2023
GitHub Copilot: the new version is 'smarter'
GitHub releases a new update of Copilot , the virtual assistant that provides suggestions while writing code
GitHub, the code hosting platform owned by Meta, has released a new Copilot update. The virtual assistant based on Artificial Intelligence that simplifies the typing of the code by providing suggestions in real time. The innovations introduced above all concern the security and the level of precision with which the recommendations for completing the sources are provided.



As for security, the latest version features a system of filters against vulnerabilities. Specifically designed to block some patterns deemed insecure such as those used for SQL injections.

Platform controls are powered by a large language model (LLM) based vulnerability scanner. These language models have a significant advantage over most of the tools created for the same purpose. In fact, they allow you to carry out the analyzes while typing the code, without waiting for it to be completed. This means that it becomes easier to apply any corrections without negatively affecting the workflow.


AI improvements

The AI ​​models that enable Copilot to work have been further improved. In this regard, it suffices to recall that in June of last year the suggested code considered acceptable was around 27% of that produced overall. Currently, however, this percentage would have risen to 46 points, reaching 61% in the specific case of Java.
Such steps forward would have been possible also thanks to the update of the OpenAI Codex model. The latter now has greater ability to understand the context of a specific piece of code. Often the client-side model has been improved with the aim of reducing unwanted suggestions to the developer as much as possible.

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