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Google Chrome, Goodbye to the Antimalware Cleanup Tool

March 10, 2023

Google Chrome, Goodbye to the Antimalware Cleanup Tool

In 2015, a new and interesting tool peeped out on Google Chrome , called Cleanup Tool , useful for recognizing and eliminating any malicious extensions, potentially unwanted components and malware on the browser and more generally on the computer, on a par with what is allowed by tools such as Malwarebytes , using a scanning engine made by ESET. According to the latest provisions of "big g", however, the tool now says goodbye to the navigator


Google Chrome Says Goodbye to Cleanup Tool

With the publication in the last few hours of a special post on its blog dedicated to security, in fact, the Google team has informed that starting from relase 111 of its navigator, or the one that has just been released, Cleanup Tool is removed .
To date, Cleanup Tool has reportedly performed over 80 million cleaning operations on users' Windows devices, contributing to safer web browsing and PC use.
The reasoning behind the discontinuation of the tool is to be found in the fact that the changes in Google Chrome from a reactive to a more proactive approach to security have contributed to the Cleanup Tool becoming a redundant tool.
Google notes that reports of unwanted components from users of its browser have drastically decreased over the years, averaging about 3% of total complaints over the past year. Overall, the Cleanup Tool found that only 0.06% of the scans performed on users' computers as of February 2023 found known PuPs.
We remind you that before the release of version 111 of Google Chrome, in order to access the Cleanup Tool it was sufficient to type chrome://settings/cleanupin the address bar of the browser. From the screen shown it was then possible to start a scan of the browser and of the entire system on request.
Source: Google Security Blog  
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