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Google Chrome is updated, what's new in version 112

March 31, 2023


Google Chrome is updated, what's new in version 112

While waiting for the Reading mode on Google Chrome , the same browser receives the update that brings it to version 112 , about a month after the stable release of the previous version 111. The update is gradually becoming available worldwide, first launching a early access phase as a test to then proceed with the definitive stable diffusion everywhere, both on smartphones and on desktop and laptop PCs.


What's new in Google Chrome 112


The update in question shows two key innovations, starting with the elimination of Chrome apps. Before the PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) characterized by greater lightness and optimization compared to other formats - including complete software to be installed on the device - there were in fact the Chrome apps that could be downloaded via the Chrome Web Store.

Now the Big G is moving forward with their elimination, with a slow approach so that workflows in companies are not suddenly interrupted. On ChromeOS only, support for Chrome apps will still continue until “at least January 2025”.

he second most important change is the biggest visual change present in Google Chrome 112 and concerns the first screen of setting up the browser on a new computer, or adding a new Chrome account on the PC. The new streamlined onboarding process has the simple task of alerting the user to the sync, backup and security features offered by the Google home browser. The screen, therefore, will appear as in the screenshot above.

Another aesthetic change offers a taste of the redesign of Google Chrome towards the period 2023-2024: by activating the flag " chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023 " it will in fact be possible to raise the address bar and add a blue background when they are missing themes. Also, buttons and text fields become more rounded.

Finally, returning to the topic of web apps, they will soon become faster as Chrome will automatically skip the loading of certain features if they are not used.



Google Chrome 112 is already available today for download on the Play Store in the form of an update, while on the computer it will be necessary to go to the settings, and therefore to the information tab of the browser, for the download and installation process to start
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