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Google Ready To Bring The Real Chrome TO The iPhone

Google Ready To Bring The "Real" Chrome TO The iPhone: A Turning point coming to iOS? Feb 4, 2023
Google Ready To Bring The Real Chrome TO The iPhone
A few weeks after the latest Chrome update for iOS and Android , the popular Google browser is back in the spotlight with particular reference to Apple-branded mobile devices.
A recent report by The Register, in fact, explains that the Chromium development team would be working on a version of the browser for iOS based on Blink, Google's proprietary engine, and not on Apple's WebKit, which is currently " forces" third-party browsers not to be able to deviate substantially from the integrated Safari browser.
Apple's terms for its AppStore currently do not allow the publication of a browser developed differently from what the company envisaged, so it is likely that it is a first preliminary build designed to start testing the ground in terms of stability and performance. This is explained by Google itself, which admits that it intends to continue but that "it will not be available to users and we will continue to adhere to Apple's policies".
A hope rather than a key to understanding it is that Google is starting to pave the way for possible structural changes to the AppStore, in order to anticipate the moves and have its flagship product ready for a possible full-blown launch . As usual, we'll see but in the meantime we remind you that Edge and Chrome are already integrating RTX Super Resolution on desktops, a technology that aims to upscale videos streamed directly to the PC.

Source: MacRumors 
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