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Google launches Checks, an AI platform for privacy protection

Google launches Checks, an AI platform for privacy protection
Google Checks is the new privacy platform designed specifically for mobile app developers, designed to build a more secure digital ecosystem by facilitating the entire user privacy compliance process for development teams and their products. It is an artificial intelligence- based service that helps companies with projects proposed on Google Play and the App Store, based on the latest Large Language Models (LLM) and easily usable thanks to an intuitive dashboard.


Google introduces Checks

Initially proposed in 2022, Checks is a platform that operates on three key areas:

 Compliance monitoring , so companies can identify potential issues between current regulations and mobile apps. The latter are then scanned, allowing Checks to provide actionable recommendations to help resolve any privacy-related issues.
 Data Monitoring , to provide end-to-end visibility into an app's data collection and sharing behaviors, enabling teams to more efficiently manage data governance practices.
 Store Disclosure Support , i.e. the guarantee that the section of Google Play concerning the security of user data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Google Checks controls can also be integrated directly into a developer's workflow to provide information before an app is launched, so that it always complies with international privacy standards, in real time.

Moreover, Checks is already used by companies such as Miniclip, Rovio and Kongregate , owners of apps with over 3 billion downloads in total; in short, it is a well-established system. On top of that, Checks has also partnered with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Privacy Certified team to accelerate and improve data privacy and compliance processes globally.

Big G herself concludes the announcement as follows, on the post dedicated to Checks:

“As the privacy landscape continues to evolve, Google recognizes the importance of continuing to provide tools that help our partners and our users. From our Safer with Google program to the just-announced Privacy Sandbox, Google is committed to helping developers build trust in their users. We strongly believe that privacy is for everyone and we are here to help companies more easily protect the privacy of their users.”

Source: Google 
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