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Google supports passkeys with Android 14 DP2

March 9, 2023

Google supports passkeys with Android 14 DP2

Google has announced the availability of the second Developer Preview of Android 14 . The new features will be extensively illustrated during the conference on May 10 , but it is already clear that the Mountain View company has invested above all in security and privacy , as it communicated yesterday . Among the most important new features is the support for passkeys .
Google first highlighted that Android 14 builds on the work done with Android 12L and Android 13 in terms of support for foldable tablets and smartphones.
Developers will then find updates to give users a better experience of using apps on a large screen.
The news related to security and privacy are three. The so-called Photo Picker is used to access multimedia content.
If an app can't use this method, Android 14 shows a new pop-up for read access permissions . Users have three options: access to the entire library (photos and videos), access to specific content or block access.
Credential Manager is a new JetPack API that supports several login methods, including passkeys . In addition to the Google Password Manager, user-created passkeys may be stored in a third-party password manager.
Support will also be extended to older versions of the operating system (starting from Android 4.4 ) with an update of Google Play Services.
Starting with Android 10, there were restrictions on the launch of activities by background apps. To limit unexpected interruptions, Android 14 gives more control to foreground apps. The memory management system has also been improved , in order to reduce the use of resources by background apps and increase autonomy.
Instructions for installing Android 14 DP2 on a compatible smartphone or using the emulator are available on the this page  .
The first beta version will be released  in April and the final version will arrive in August.

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