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How to install Python


Step 1:


Select Version of Python to Install

   Python has various versions available with differences between the syntax and working of
different versions of the language. We need to choose the version which we want to use or need. There are
different versions of Python 2 and Python 3 available.
How to install Python

Step 2:

−Download Python Executable Installer
Go to and move to the Download for Windows section.
All the available versions of Python will be listed. Select the version required by you and click on Download.
Now the current version of Python is 3.10.3
On clicking download, various available executable installers shall be visible with different operating system
specifications. Choose the installer which suits your system operating system and download the instlaller.
Select the Windows installer(64 bits).

Step 3:


Run Executable Installer

How to install Python
On clicking the Install Now, The installation process starts.
How to install Python
The installation process will take few minutes to complete and once the installation is successful,
the following screen is displayed.
How to install Python

Step 4:

Verify Python is installed on Windows
To ensure if Python is succesfully installed on your system. Follow the given steps −
  • Open the command prompt.
  • Type python and press enter.
  • The version of the python which you have installed will be displayed if the python is successfully
    installed on your windows.

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