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Stable release coming next week -Linus Torvalds-

February 16, 2023

Stable release coming next week -Linus Torvalds-
Linux 6.2-rc8: latest testing build released, stable release confirmed for next week
Linus Torvalds has released, via the classic post on the project's mailing list dedicated to developers, the eighth, and last, release candidate of Linux 6.2. This build ends the development cycle of this edition of the Penguin kernel. In fact, the stable release will be released next week and the developers will proceed to open the merge window for Linux 6.3.
The development delays for Linux 6.2 stem from a number of factors. The main motivation has been repeatedly explained by Linus Torvalds himself during the past few weeks. The coder team has in fact chosen to extend the development cycle of Linux 6.2, releasing an additional rc with respect to the canonical seven, in such a way as to be able to better manage the high number of present committs that have accumulated due to the Christmas season festivities. The absence of several developers has in fact led to a considerable expansion of the timing and this could also be reflected in Linux 6.3.
Here is Linus Torvalds' comment regarding the Linux 6.2-rc8 release posted on the mailing list:
"The development branch of Linux 6.2 continues to be quite quiet. The only reason why rc8 exists is the problems already explained several times, which is catching up during the holiday season. So here we are, we have implemented some regression fixes but others are still pending and will be settled during this week.
Most of the discussions I've read are already about features to be implemented in the future (on Linux 6.3) and also I already have a pull request for the next merge window in my mailbox."
The developers hope to release the stable release of Linux 6.2 on February 20th. In this edition will be available several very interesting features such as support for Multiple Compression Stream with ZRAM and for Online File-System Repair on XFS.
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