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Microsoft presents the new Bing, enhanced with ChatGPT

February 9, 2023

Microsoft presents the new Bing, enhanced with ChatGPT

Microsoft has announced a new version of its Bing search engine, featuring artificial intelligence (AI) behind the Chat GPT chatbot. "It's a new day for research," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the product announcement event. Nadella said the web search paradigm hasn't changed in decades, and AI can deliver information more smoothly and quickly than traditional methods.
“The race starts today and we will move fast,” said Nadella. “Above all, we want to enjoy innovating research again, because the time has come.”

What will the new Bing look like

In demonstrations, Microsoft has shown what it calls "the new Bing" in different configurations. One of these displays traditional search results alongside annotations from artificial intelligence, while another mode allows users to speak directly to the Bing chatbot by asking it questions in a chat interface like GPT Chat.
Microsoft showed a series of search examples: query Bing to find recipes, travel tips and buy furniture from Ikea. In one demonstration, Bing was asked to “create an itinerary for each day of a 5-day trip to Mexico City.” The question was answered in full by the chatbot, which described a rough itinerary along with links to sources for more information.
Unlike GPT Chat, the new Bing can also fetch news about recent events. Microsoft says these features are all powered by an updated version of GPT 3.5, the OpenAI AI language model that powers ChatGPT. Microsoft calls it the “Prometheus Model” and claims it is more powerful than GPT 3.5 and capable of answering search queries with up-to-date information and commented answers.
The new Bing is available today "for a limited preview on the desktop," but it appears users will be able to "ask" just one of several pre-set queries and receive the same results every time. There is also a waiting list to sign up for full access in the future.

Chat and Compose, new features powered by AI

But in addition to the new Bing, Microsoft is rolling out two new AI-powered features for its Edge browser: "chat" and "compose." “Chat” allows users to summarize the web page or document they are looking at and ask questions about its content, while “compose” acts as a writing assistant, helping generate text, from emails to social media posts based on some initial indications.
The announcement of the new Bing comes amid intense AI activity by Microsoft and rival Google. Since ChatGPT launched on the web last November, interest in AI text generation has exploded. Microsoft, which has partnered with OpenAI, creator of Chat GPT, is looking to capitalize on this excitement and has already announced how this technology will be integrated into its office software suite.

Google Vs Microsoft, the next steps

Google, on the other hand, was taken aback by what some argue is a paradigm shift in how people find information online. In an effort to anticipate today's announcement from Microsoft, Google yesterday unveiled its own GPT Chat, dubbed Bard. Chief Executive Sundar Pichai described the software as an "experimental conversational AI service" but said it was still being tested by a small group of users and would only roll out on a large scale in the coming weeks.
Microsoft is speeding up and plans to release software to help big companies build their own chatbots similar to Chat GPT, CNBC has learned. It also plans to announce technology that will allow businesses, schools and governments to build their own bots with GPT Chat, according to a knowledgeable person. Microsoft envisions helping customers launch new chatbots or refine existing ones with new technology, further refining the service. The AI ​​model behind ChatGPT is currently unable to provide substantive answers about everything that happened after 2021, because it hasn't been trained on recent information. But Microsoft would like chatbots launched with the GPT Chat service for business to contain up-to-date information.
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