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Microsoft integrates the AI chatbot into smartphone apps and Skype

February 25, 2023


Microsoft integrates the AI chatbot into smartphone apps and Skype

Microsoft has announced that its redesigned search engine Bing's AI chatbot is now also available on Android and iOS smartphones.
Since most searches are mobile, Microsoft is integrating AI into its Bing and Edge mobile apps.
Additionally, the software giant will also integrate artificial intelligence features into its Edge mobile browser and its Skype video calling software. The chatbot has voice capabilities and can also be used via Skype.
Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced its comprehensive AI offensive in cooperation with the start-up OpenAI and equipped the Bing search engine and the Edge browser with AI functions. Bing should filter trusted sources from the internet and provide the user with a single answer instead of a long list of links. In the test phase, the Bing chatbot impressed with eloquent answers, but also provided incorrect or fabricated facts and sometimes caused a stir with spontaneous declarations of love and arrogant answers. For this reason, Microsoft has limited the use of the chat tool to longer dialogues.
Microsoft put many prospects on a waiting list, but has now accepted more than a million people from 169 countries. The feedback on the new features is positive, 71% of test participants gave the new Bing a positive rating. Bing searches can also be dictated to your smartphone, and responses can be read not only as text but also. Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi explains in a blog post that the new browsers Bing and Edge "can act as a co-pilot for the web" even when you're not at your desktop computer.
Skype's AI features are designed to enhance social communication with friends and family. For example, you can add the chatbot to a Skype group to learn about the weather or travel suggestions from the AI. Microsoft is attempting to become more relevant to internet search and web browsing with the AI ​​initiative, as Google currently has nearly 93% market share in internet search and 65.4% in browsers, while Bing and Edge are only 3 or 4.5%.
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