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The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages in 2023 Feb 16, 2023

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023


Programming languages:


There are hundreds of them, but only 10 are included in the list of the most used programming languages ​​in 2023.

Curious to know what they are?

Let's not waste time!

And remember:

Knowing the most requested programming languages ​​in the world allows you to have a paved road towards a secure job.
In fact, with this list you immediately know which programming languages ​​are most in demand by major companies:
In other words, you know right away how to have a secure job, and a successful career – in fact many of these are also the highest paying programming languages ​​😉

The Best Programming Language
Before seeing the ranking in detail, a small indication:
Each of these languages ​​is the “best programming language of 2023”.
How is it possible?


Each programming language has specific characteristics, which make it perfect for solving certain situations, but unsuitable for others.
In short, there is no language that can be the best, always, on every occasion. That's why it would be perfect to know them all, these languages ​​😉

But let's not waste any more time, and let's go straight to seeing the most requested programming languages!



The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
The first place of the most demanded programming languages ​​goes
Python is a programming language that is easy to learn, has easily readable code, and is very versatile. It is in fact a multi-paradigm high-level language, suitable for object-oriented programming, structural programming and functional programming.
Due to these characteristics, Python is considered by many developers to be one of the best programming languages ​​to start programming with.
The most widespread field of application of Python is the development of web applications (for example, Instagram uses Python together with the Django framework), but it is also having great success in the fields of machine learning and data analysis.


2/ Java

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
Java secures second place in the podium of the best programming languages ​​2023.
Not that it's a surprise:
Java is incredibly widespread, thanks to the characteristics that make it one of the most stable, complete and reliable languages ​​for building complex systems – LinkedIn is written in Java, for example.
Java was also conceived following the motto Write Once, Run Everywhere. Once the code is written, it can run without recompiling. Translated, it means that Java is a language independent of the platform it runs on. In addition, the innumerable Java frameworks consolidate the ability of the Java ecosystem (JSE, J2EE, JVM…) to offer programmers rapid and solid development of applications of all kinds.
Furthermore, Java is the programming language that basically lies behind the Android operating system, so it is also the basis of the development of apps and games for mobile. In other words, the future of Java is assured!


3/ Javascript

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
On the lowest step of the podium is Javascript:
The reasons behind this supremacy are soon explained: JavaScript is an essential element for the development of websites with dynamic, interactive or animated functions. Because of this, JavaScript is present in a large part of the web.
Born to run on clients and code front-end, JavaScript is now also spreading for use in the back-end, thanks to NodeJS which allows you to execute JavaScript code on the server side. Furthermore, it is also used to develop games and desktop applications.
Complete, versatile, widespread, developed: with these characteristics, Javascript's permanence on the podium is ensured until the next IT evolution!


4/ C#

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
C# (pronounced C Sharp, sounds like "see sharp") is an object-oriented programming language. Developed by Microsoft, it is presented as a competing language of Java.
The C# language is versatile: used to program Enterprise apps and software, web apps and mobile applications, it is the programming language par excellence of the .NET Framework.


5/ C++

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
C and C++ are historical programming languages: developed in the 70s, they are among the most used languages ​​in the history of information technology.
Just their diffusion makes them essential. C and C++ are still the underlying languages ​​of many operating systems, browsers and video games today.
Not only:
The demand for C and C++ programmers is constantly increasing, especially thanks to the development of the IoT. In fact, most of the chips inside smart devices are programmed in C or C++, which provide optimal performance.


6/ PHP

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
PHP is an interpreted scripting language, with a simple syntax and widespread use. PHP supports both imperative and object-oriented approaches.
Developed for programming interactive and dynamic web pages, over the years it has often been criticized and underestimated by many developers. This hasn't prevented its use in many worldwide dissemination projects: just to name a few, Wikipedia, Facebook and Yahoo have been programmed in PHP.
Currently, PHP is used to program server-side web applications, command-line scripts, and stand-alone graphical interface applications. The latest implementations have made PHP even faster and more reliable, giving new popularity to this programming language.


7/ Ruby

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
Ruby is an open-source programming language, focused on simplicity and productivity. Ruby's syntax is simple and elegant: this makes it a language that is easy to write and natural to read.
Ruby's popularity is also due to its most popular framework, Ruby on Rails. Thanks to this framework, widespread web apps and web services have been created, such as Twich, Zendesk, GitHub, Square, SoundCloud


8/ Typescript

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
TypeScript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft, and it's basically an extended version of JavaScript.
TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript: its strength is that any program written in JS is also compatible with TypeScript syntax and semantics, without any modifications.
With TypeScript, large applications are developed, which are then recompiled in JavaScript to be interpreted by browsers or apps


9/ Swift

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
Swift is an object-oriented programming language. The Swift language was developed by Apple, and is aimed at programmers of Apple systems, in its various versions (macOS, iOS, watchOS…).
Versatile and powerful, Swift is designed to coexist with the Objective-C language, another language previously used at Apple. One of Swift's greatest strengths is great optimization, which allows you to create extremely fast software.


10/ Go

The 10 Most Used and In-demand Programming Languages ​​in 2023
Go is a programming language developed by Google, supported by both Google and the independent developer community as it is an open-source project. It is a language that is easy to write (as simple as Python) and at the same time very efficient (as efficient as C++).
Some of the main features of Go are the great support given to concurrent programming, the optimization of compilation times even for modest hardware, and the presence of a good number of integrated development tools.
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