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Opera challenges Microsoft and Google with ChatGpt integration

February 13, 2023


Opera challenges Microsoft and Google with ChatGpt integration

The web browser unveils the news based on the chatbot
In the race to adopt artificial intelligence in common software, Opera is also part of it.
The browser used to surf the net will soon integrate features derived directly from ChatGpt., the famous chatbot that has sparked a real trend towards the so-called "conversational" AI.
Just a few days ago, Microsoft presented a preview of its AI-enabled search engine Bing, and Google did the same with the Bard project.
The first novelty that ChatGpt will bring to Opera is "Shorten", a way to automatically create summaries of articles and web pages visited. When it becomes publicly available, you will see a new icon in your browser to the right of the address bar.
Tapping it will open a sidebar where ChatGpt will provide a bulleted summary of the web page you are browsing. Jan Standel, vice president of marketing and communications at Opera, told The Verge that Shorten will begin rolling out to users "very soon." The company is working on other AI-powered features that it claims will "augment" the Opera experience, but the company hasn't detailed what these will entail. Shorten's announcement comes the same week that Microsoft unveiled its plans to redesign Edge, its browser software that replaced Internet Explorer, to add features based on artificial intelligence. Google's competitor is called Bard, a chatbot powered by the LaMDA platform. In recent days, Mountain View announced a $300 million investment in start-up Anthropic which has already developed Claude, a chatbot rival of ChatGpt.
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