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6G, for experts it will be 10 times faster than 5G

March 22, 2023


6G, for experts it will be 10 times faster than 5G

The 6G mobile network will still take several years to become mainstream and, while the wait continues, researchers and technicians are exploring the technology by framing its future. After the discovery of a meta-device to control 6G radiation and optimize the connection between devices, a white paper reveals more details on the power of 6G and the vision of the world's top carriers.


How powerful will 6G be?


The Next Gen Mobile Networks Alliance, an alliance of mobile network operators which includes giants such as China Mobile, Vodafone and US Cellular, recently published the document 6G Needs and Design Considerations together with 53 other global companies, including 17 operators and 23 manufacturers of devices. This discusses insiders' vision for the sixth generation mobile network , including suggestions for design problems and ideas for overall system structure.
This paper therefore defines the needs of 6G from the point of view of the operators , including those relating to digital inclusion, the environmental sustainability of the technology and its flexible implementation. After all, the transition from the current 5G to its successor standard will require particular solutions and attention from technicians, who will have to promote thoughtful use based on common sense , avoiding getting caught up in the excitement of technological discoveries and getting involved more from the needs related to high energy efficiency to reduce consumption.
A key detail is highlighted in the text: the power of 6G will be remarkable, up to ten times higher than 5G. This has great advantages. especially for the IoT segment and the future implementation of the standard in public infrastructure, as well as industrial and healthcare sectors. Smartphones and the VR/XR segments, still emerging and waiting for the actual boom due to the optimization of latest generation technologies, will benefit from it.
To witness this revolution , however, we will have to wait for the period between 2028 and 2030.

Source: Gizchina 
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