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Sora, ChatGpt's AI also creates realistic videos


Sora, ChatGpt's AI also creates realistic videos
OpenAI has developed "Sora", an advanced artificial intelligence software
capable of creating realistic one-minute videos by following text instructions.
The enthusiasm of professionals and the general public is notable but,in reality, doubts and fears hide behind this announcement.
"Sora" and similar technologies, in fact, raise concerns about to disinformation, especially in contexts such as political elections.
To address these risks, technology and publishing companies (Google, Meta and Adobe for example) have formed a consortium,
the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), to establish common standards for verifying generated content by artificial intelligence, including the implementation of a "digital watermark" to trace the provenance of content.
It remains to be seen whether labeling standards will identify this consortium is inviolable.
«It is based on the embedding of the metadata of digital files that can be removed or exchanged by malicious actors - Matt Medved, founder of NowMedia, told the Axios website - only the immutable register of the blockchain can certify the origin of the contents».
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