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The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023

February 2, 2023

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
From smartphones to virtual reality viewers to cameras and action cams, the top ten gadgets that will be the protagonists 2023 will be a year of great innovations in the technological field with many gadgets ready to improve
significantly in terms of performance and explore new horizons in design, which are the most anticipated tech products that will characterize the next 12 months? We have collected a top ten that ranges from devices already announced for release in the new year and those that currently exist only in the nebulous dimension of rumors.
As usual, the year will open with CES 2023 in Las Vegas which will present the first novelties, then it will be an alternation of events organized by individual brands such as Samsung Unpacked or Apple's keynotes and other fairs such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or Berlin Ifa.
Every month could reserve surprises not to be missed, here is our top ten of the most anticipated tech products of 2023, with smartphones and virtual or mixed reality viewers that will certainly be the protagonists.

GoPro Hero 12 Black

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
The reference point in the action cam segment will once again be GoPro with its new Hero 12 Black model which should appear as usual in the autumn with a dual display that should widen the width of the front one, a 29 megapixel front sensor brighter and with more viewing angle than Hero 11 Black and 6k recording up to 60 fps and 4k slomotion at 240 fps.

Meta Quest 3

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
The new version of the Meta Quest viewer is already confirmed to be released in 2023 as promised by Mark Zuckerberg who continues to firmly believe in the Metaverse project, despite the flops of 2022.
With a price that shouldn't exceed 500 euros, it will improve display and performance compared to the current model, maintaining the stand-alone nature.

Motorola ThinkPhone

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
To pay homage to one of the most iconic lines of the notebook landscape or Lenovo's ThinkPad, the Motorolasubsidiary is preparing a very special smartphone that will be released in 2023 and which should be
called ThinkPhone. The design takes up that of laptops with a black Kevlar surface for the body, red details that refer to the iconic trackpoint and top-of-the-range hardware with an excellent 6.6-inch display at 144Hz frequency. It could be unveiled already at the upcoming CES 2023 in Las Vegas which will open in a few days.

Dyson Zone

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
The already well-known Dyson Zone hybrid device will go on sale in 2023 which on the one hand purifies the air with a somewhat cyberpunk tech mask and on the other also diffuses music, we told you about them in detail in our preview, the price for Europe it could exceed the 1000 euro price list.

Sony A9 III

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
Sony's flagship camera was already due out at the end of 2021 but the global chip shortage has postponed the launch and the first months of 2023 could be the good ones to discover a state-of-the-art machine in photos and videos, with extensive use of the 'i.a. and the most advanced focusing system. Furthermore,it could also be accompanied by the equally awaited Sony A7000 or the compact mirrorless that will succeed the glorious A6600 for vloggers and creatives.

Visore Apple

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
Apple's headset for mixed reality has been expected for two years now, i.e. the next big thing in Cupertino, and 2023 should be the right year for a project that has been designed and perfected for a long time to approach the world of Apple-style virtual and augmented reality. According to the latest rumors, production should start as early as March for a debut in the summer at a price that won't be for all budgets. The hardware will be massive with a dual 4k micro-oled display, 15 different photographic modules to detect biometric and external environment information, eye movement detection and chips like those of the latest Macbooks.

Pixel Fold

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
 023 should finally be the year of Pixel Fold, the first foldable from Google. The smartphone will be a top of the range and will focus on a compact book design closer to Oppo's models than those of Samsung.
The price will probably be very high, in the order of 2000 euros, it could be presented at the Google I/O in May.

Samsung Galaxy S23

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
The new Samsung Galaxy S23 family will be unveiled on February 1 with an event already scheduled, which will remove the veils from a trio of models such as the standard one, the Plus one and the more advanced and expensive one or Ultra. In terms of design, the focus will be on greater minimalism, while the hardware will raise the performance bar especially in the field of displays and cameras.

iPhone 15

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
The iPhone 15 family which should appear in September with four models all with different names.
The basic model will naturally be the iPhone 15 standard version and will be accompanied by the iPhone 15 Plus with a slightly larger display: both should mount the Dynamic Island and improve the display, batteries, cameras and processor. The most advanced pair will be composed of the iPhone 15 Pro and the new iPhone 15 Ultra, which will be the state of the art in mobile dimensions for Apple

Sony PSVR2

The 10 most anticipated tech products of 2023
Virtually everything is already known about the already announced new virtual reality viewer Sony Playstation VR 2 or more simply PSVR2. The features of this gadget that will mount two 2000x2040 pixel OLED displays, wired connection, improved transparent mode for observing the world by wearing the viewer (and for augmented reality) and better eye movement tracking.
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