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The top five best communication platforms for employees

The top five best communication platforms for employees
   The development of computers, telephones and the Internet has brought about many changes in the business world. One of the major changes is the way employees and customers of organizations communicate. Through various communication platforms, most companies are able to reduce travel costs, save communication costs, provide easy access to information, and lead to employee satisfaction.
Even though each platform aims to increase communication in an organization, there are some differences between them. For example, a platform might work better in our company but might not be as useful in another organization. However, the good thing is that all of these platforms are flexible and easy to use. You just need to understand how they work to be able to choose the best one for your organization. These communication platforms have become so popular due to the introduction of new delightful features like sharing, chatting and tagging. Below are the five best employee communication platforms which are mainly used to streamline and improve employee communication.


The 5 best employee communication platforms



1. ezTalks Meetings


The top five best communication platforms for employees

The demand for instant communication in the business world has made various companies come up with various types of messaging tools to solve the communication problem. One platform that has been adopted by many companies is ezTalks Meetings. It is a powerful communication platform that can enable you to connect with your employees and customers by sending them instant messages . You can also use the platform to solve problems or work on the same projects no matter where other employees are.

Some of the most useful features of ezTalks Meetings are easy sharing screens , instant messaging, video conferencing, online meeting recording and playback. The audio and video quality is high definition and you can use it to communicate with other employees using a variety of devices including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Windows PCs and Android phones and tablets.


2. Slacks

The top five best communication platforms for employees
Slack is another most popular tool used in many organizations for instant messaging between employees. It can be used on numerous platforms which include Windows, Android, web and Windows Phone. Businessmen all over the world are expanding their businesses very fast after using Slack for direct messaging and cooperation with their distant employees. You can also use the employee communication platform to send files or messages to different groups or individuals regardless of their location in the world. The platform also allows for video conferencing, making it a better tool than other employee communication platforms. Another plus is that it is compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox.


3. Trello

The top five best communication platforms for employees

A few years ago it was so difficult to organize more than one project without being there in person. But today it is possible if you use an effective tool for messaging and collaboration. Trello is a great employee communication platform that you can use to coordinate more than one project. You can use it on different operating systems which include Android and Windows for easier organization of your projects. It can also be used to chat with staff and friends, along with coordinating projects. You can use the free version or sign up for the premium version if you need more features.


4. G Suite

The top five best communication platforms for employees
G Suite is considered one of the best communication platforms for employees. It is used for instant messaging and collaboration with each other. G Suite was introduced by Google to help the corporate world communicate effectively. One advantage of this platform is that anyone with a Google account can use it. Some of the benefits of this platform include instant messaging, sending emails, file and data sharing, better security options, and 24-hour live customer support. You can also share your screen and present your whiteboard, documents and files. By opening a G account, your employees can easily integrate and share information freely without paying any fees.


5. Workflow Max

The top five best communication platforms for employees
Another great employee communication platform that offers instant messaging and collaboration services is Workflow Max. Normally, this platform is used to offer complete communication solutions to companies and enable them to communicate with anyone from anywhere. It is an ideal platform for companies with many branches in different places. Apart from team collaboration and instant messaging, the platform also provides a feature where you can track the project process such as invoicing of completed jobs and tracking of goals to be achieved. You can also use the platform to track time, check status, manage accounts, generate reports and use it for financial reporting. At first, you can use the free version and upgrade later if you need more features in the future.

The top five employee communication platforms have created a good working environment for many companies. Now it's easier to run your business even if your employees are located in different areas within the country or around the world. You will also be able to reduce travel and communication costs. To choose the best platform, just compare the features of each platform and the needs of your business.

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