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The Top 10 in Tiobe’s index for February 2023

The Top 10 in Tiobe’s index for February 2023 Feb 11, 2023
The Top 10 in Tiobe’s index for February 2023
1 -    Python, a rating of 15.49%
2 -    C, 15.39%
3 -    C++, 13.94%
4 -    Java, 13.21%
5 -    C#, 6.38%
6 -    Visual Basic, 4.14%
7 -    JavaScript, 2.52%
8 -    SQL, 2.12%
10 - Assembly, 1.38%
11 - PHP, 1.29%
The Tiobe index bases language popularity on a formula assessing searches on languages in popular search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google, specifically monitoring the number of courses, skilled engineers, and third-party vendors pertinent to a language. The two new booming languages in the index’s Top 20 were Rust, positioned for safety and high performance and growing at 0.16% year over year, and Scratch, meant for beginners in elementary and secondary schools and growing at 0.13% year over year. Scratch was the 18th-ranked language and Rust was 20th this month. As far as established languages, C ranked second in the index and grew 1.3% year over year, while Java ranked fourth and grew 1.07% year over year in February. Visual Basic ranked sixth and grew 1.09%.
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