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Twitter deactivates free API

Apr 9, 2023


Twitter deactivates free API
Since January 2023 Twitter has clarified its idea for the future of APIs : with the farewell to free Application Programming Interfaces, in favor of paid solutions to avoid the presence of dangerous bots, the platform owned by Elon Musk has focused the look at the paid APIs. Meanwhile, the blue bird's engineers shut down the free API by destroying many apps and websites, cutting off access to no-cost developer tools for thousands of developers.


No more free Twitter APIs?


As several industry portals have reported, most of the apps and websites that used to use the Twitter API to allow sharing content to and from Twitter are now seeing that functionality discontinued . WordPress remained among the affected platforms for a few hours until the issue was resolved. However, users of Jetpack Social (WordPress plug-in), Echobox, Flipboard and Social Bearing , among the many services affected, are also panicking.
However, the disappearance of the free API from Twitter leads to the emergence of new solutions: the new one provides only 1,500 post requests per month, which can reach 50,000 post requests and 10,000 read requests per month by paying $100 a month. Beware of the real catch, though: developers still can't access the paid Enterprise API . Ergo, the unannounced discontinuation of old APIs will force developers and millions of users to wait patiently for the implementation of the necessary solutions.
With the devs left in the dark, Twitter has therefore put many creator and meme accounts in difficulty followed by thousands – if not millions – of users. Will there be a step back in the next few hours, or is it a final decision?
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