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Uninstall these apps immediately, they contain viruses that will destroy your smartphone

March 24, 2023


Uninstall these apps immediately, they contain viruses that will destroy your smartphone

These applications would be capable of crashing your smartphone in seconds. Let's find out together what they are.

Being afraid that there may be an infected app on your mobile phone is not wrong, also because it is a circumstance that could take place when we least expect it. The important thing is to be aware that it could happen, and if it happens we feel it is our full responsibility to act accordingly. Giving way to hackers to interact with the device we use every day is certainly not a good idea.

The main countermeasures are nothing but the same ones that we should adopt every day , as well as those that involve the use of the mobile phone's security system, anti-viruses, standard protection functions and so on. However, many prefer not to care about it thinking that such a situation can never happen, but in reality it is a wrong reflection and that does not lead to any good results.


Apps infected by Hook, the new malware that is circulating now


We say this because a long series of infected apps have been detected and that you too may have on your mobile phone that you use every day, consequently it is a risk that you are running without knowing it. The best way for you to deal with this specific circumstance is to inform yourself properly, and then uninstall them as soon as possible. But what are the infected apps we talk about so much, and what kind of malware do they contain?

We are talking about Hook , a dangerous computer virus that has been found in several applications of the Google Play Store. No one thought it could be present in the Mountain View company's digital store, but apparently it managed to deceive the security algorithms and go unnoticed for some time. Now, however, it has thankfully been unveiled and removed in time.

However, many users have already downloaded the apps in which it was present, and these software may be present in your mobile . We strongly advise you to uninstall them when you read the name of the application in the list you will see below, which contains all the appellations of the fake "services" and which contain the malware. We leave you the list of infected apps:


Logo Design Maker


Fast Language Translator


Funny Emoji Keyboard


Perfect Face Swap


Animal Doodle Drawing


Effects Photo Editor


paper paint


Super Emoji Editor & Stickers


Dexterity QR Scanner


Blue Voice Changer


Heart Rate Monitor


Cool Screen Mirroring


Fun Paint & Coloring


Phone Cleaner Lite


Beauty Christmas Song


Digital Clock – Always display


Epic Gamebox & Hub


Live Wallpaper – HD 3D/4D


Magic Face AI


Grape Camera & Photo Editor


Love Sticker


Blood Glucose Recorder


HD Screen Mirroring


Clever Clean – Battery Saver


Phone to TV


Album Live Wallpaper & Theme


Photo Voice Translator


Screen mirroring shortcuts


Effect Voice Changer


Mind Message


Quick PDF Scanner


Advanced Cast Screen


Easy Voice Change


Coloring painting

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