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No longer have to use Microsoft Edge to access Bing Chat

March 15, 2023

No longer have to use Microsoft Edge to access Bing Chat
With these extensions, you can also use Chrome, Brave or Firefox
Probably the biggest news of the last few months has been the integration of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence model into the Bing search engine.
The feature filled enthusiasts with enthusiasm and created a real earthquake in the sector, so much so that Google ran wild for cover. But at the moment to use the function there are some limits : first of all you have to access it through your Microsoft account , and secondly you can't use any browser other than Edge. What to do?
Fortunately, there are several extensions that allow us to use Bing Chat AI on Chrome, Firefox or Brave as well. Let's see how to do it.

Extensions to use Bing Chat AI on other browsers

Extensions are add-ons that give the browser new functions and abilities, and can be downloaded from the reference store, Chrome web store or
Firefox Add-ons .
All you have to do is access it from your browser, Chrome or Brave for the Chrome web store or Firefox for Firefox Add-ons , click Install and you have the new feature just a click away.
Here are the two extensions ( free and open source ) that allow you to use Bing Chat :

Chrome/Opera :


Bing Chat for All Browsers


Bing Chat Unblocker




Bing Chat for All Browsers

As mentioned, just click on the Install or Add to Firefox button , confirm the installation and you're good to go. In fact, these extensions do nothing but give a false indication to Bing, pretending that you are using Edge instead of another browser. However, there is an important prerequisite, which is that you must be registered with Bing Chat . In case you haven't, here's how to do it:

Go to this url 


Click Join Waiting List


Sign in with your Microsoft account


You will receive a confirmation email




Now you just need to reload Bing Chat and you can use the new AI model for your searches on other browsers, in the hope that sooner or later Microsoft will release the tool to everyone, without limitations.
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