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WhatsApp, Important news for video calls

March 23, 2023


WhatsApp, Important news for video calls

WhatsApp from today gets a new app for Windows, just a few days after the release of some important news for group admins . In this update for PC and laptop comes full support for a very important feature , as well as some generic improvements. Let's go find them.


The latest news for WhatsApp on PC


Mark Zuckerberg confirmed through his Instagram account the first release of the new app with end-to-end encrypted group calls . It is an apparently small and insignificant feature but, in reality, it is a fundamental novelty for the protection of user privacy.

In addition, always remaining in the context of calls, the updated version of WhatsApp for Windows supports video calls with up to 8 people and audio calls with a limit of 32 people, just like on mobile.

The developer team then focused on improving the user experience on the big screen, perfecting the multi-device connection so that the use of different accounts on multiple devices is not only simpler, but also more performing.


But beware of fake apps!

We therefore take this opportunity to remind you that, recently, fake WhatsApp and also Telegram apps have been spreading on the net , containing a banking trojan ready to steal the sensitive data of your accounts. This does not seem to apply, fortunately, for the Windows variant of the respective services, and the problem is limited to smartphone apps.
In any case, it is always better to pay close attention to the alleged updates of messaging services : if downloaded from the wrong channel, they could infect your device
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