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Windows 10: Microsoft Edge disable Internet Explorer

February 17, 2023

Windows 10: Microsoft Edge disable Internet Explorer
Microsoft has released an update for Edge on Windows 10 computers that permanently disables Internet Explorer.
In the past few hours, Microsoft has announced that it has released an update for its Edge browser which on Windows 10 permanently disables the now outdated Internet Explorer 11.
This was announced last December and has now been implemented.

Windows 10: Edge update permanently disables IE

We remind you that support for Internet Explorer 11 ended on June 15 2022 and on that occasion the Redmond giant had announced that the deactivation would take place later, with an update distributed through Windows Update. In reality, then, Microsoft has chosen to take a different path, namely that of releasing the "software bomb" with an update for Edge.
The Internet Explorer icons still present in the Windows 10 Start menu and taskbar will instead be eliminated with the May 23 optional update and then with the June 13 cumulative update.
The versions of Windows 10 involved are all those client, IoT and Enterprise. Support continues to be rolled out for Windows 10 IoT Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), Windows 10 Client LTSC, Windows Server LSTC, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU).
Keep in mind that there is no way to reactivate Internet Explorer 11 and the only way to be able to continue using it and not update Edge, but obviously this is a highly discouraged operation.
What also should not be done is to manually uninstall Internet Explorer, as in this way the IE Mode of Edge will no longer work which instead will continue to be supported at least until 2029 and thanks to which you can open apps and websites that are not yet fully compatible with the most recent Chromium-based Redmond navigator.
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