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Windows 10: definitive stop to the sale of digital licenses

February 1, 2023

Windows 10: definitive stop to the sale of digital licenses
This had already been announced by Microsoft in recent days, but as of yesterday, January 31, 2023, the scenario materialized: sales of licenses for Windows 10 have been interrupted and from now on it will be possible to purchase copies of the operating system only at third-party resellers. It is a step that literally marks the end of an era.

Windows 10: Licenses are no longer sold by Microsoft

The notice posted on the Microsoft website explaining this to users has been removed and now the link to the Windows 10 Home and Pro pages leads back to the Windows 11 section, making it impossible to buy licenses directly from the company, with the clear intent on the part of the latter to push sales of the latest operating system as much as possible.
On Amazon and other third-party websites it is still possible to obtain copies of Windows 10, just as computers with the aforementioned operating system are still marketed, but it is preferable to adapt to the latest standards by purchasing Windows 11 or a PC with it already installed.
In any case, those who still use Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on their computer, which are no longer supported by Microsoft, can always upgrade to Windows 10 for free.
The penultimate Microsoft operating system will continue to be officially supported until October 14, 2025, after which it will be essential to update to the most recent version of Windows to avoid compatibility problems, to benefit from functions in step with the times, but above all to not run into security issues.
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