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Windows 11 23H2 will disable VBScript

March 8, 2023


Windows 11 23H2 will disable VBScript
Microsoft also begins to abandon VBScript, users will be able to turn off VBS code support already with Windows 11 23H2. What does it mean?
With Windows 11, Microsoft has started a virtuous path aimed at separating from the operating system all those components that can pose a threat to user and data security .
Historically, in fact, some Windows software components are more vulnerable than others, we are referring above all to those that were added in the first versions of the Microsoft operating system and which in recent years have been kept mainly for these compatibility reasons .
Even in Windows 10 and Windows 11 , for example, in the years 80s are always present, think of the names that cannot be used for files and folders or the many curiosities and easter eggs of Windows and Office that have their roots in operating system history.
VBScript (VBS) is a Visual Basic-based scripting language developed by Microsoft that was first introduced in 1996 and is still used today.

The VBS code is interpreted and not compiled, this means that it runs directly without the need to create an executable file.
VBScript can be used in combination with other technologies and directly at the HTML page level to create Web applications. The code can also be launched from the Terminal window or Windows desktop to perform a variety of tasks, even at a low level, providing administrator rights.
VBScript supports a variety of features, including file and directory access, string manipulation, error handling, and user interface creation.
It can also be used to access databases through ActiveX Data Objects (ADO ) and to interact with other Component Object Model (COM ) objects.
Starting with Internet Explorer 11 , itself abandoned by Microsoft, VBScript has been shelved (the company was already talking about it before 2016…) and should no longer be used as a web-side scripting language.
In the Windows environment, VBScript has been replaced by PowerShell scripts even though there are many developers and administrators who continue to use them. However, VBS scripts are still widely used by malware developers who use them to distribute and execute malicious code on victim machines, as an integral part of various types of attacks.
Among the options of Windows 11 23H2 , or the feature update that will be published between October and November, there is one that allows uninstalling VBScript support .

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