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Windows 12, first clues from Intel and Microsoft

March 3, 2023


Windows 12, first clues from Intel and Microsoft

A few references about Windows 12 have appeared online , with Microsoft and Intel reportedly preparing for its launch. The new operating system has never been officially discussed by the two companies, nor has Microsoft anticipated plans related to a possible new operating system, but according to new rumors Windows 12 could implement features based on Artificial Intelligence by exploiting the dedicated technologies present (or coming soon) in CPUs.
The new rumors were spread by @leaf_hobby (TheVerge ), a well-known hardware leaker who revealed some details about Intel's Meteor Lake platform. Microsoft has already stated that the next releases of Windows will make more and more use of AI-powered features (such as the latest update just released for Windows 11 ) and, for this new approach to bear fruit, cooperation must be obtained of the hardware partners on which the PC world is based. Among these the most important names are clearly AMD and Intel.


Windows 12 is closer than we expected

Intel is working on the new Meteor Lake architecture which will implement a component dedicated to the processing of Artificial Intelligence calculations, with an approach similar to that of AMD with its Ryzen 7000 series which, for the first time on x86 desktop architectures, implement a block dedicated for AI calculations. The features integrated into the CPUs could be used for example with Windows Studio Effects, as we have already seen on the ARM platforms, for processing noise reduction and for eye contact functions during video calls.
With Meteor Lake, Intel is expected to use a chiplet design with the 7-nm Intel 4 manufacturing process for the first time. The processors should be released in late 2023 or early 2024 and, as stated in the new leak, should support Windows 12 .
Microsoft has never said anything about the new operating system, however several leakers have already talked about it: WalkingCat wrote that it could be called Windows 2023, while Zac Bowden of Windows Central last year spoke of a new three-year programming for the new release (so the next one should arrive around 2024) and that the next one is known internally as Next Valley. In any case, all the clues lead to a new version arriving relatively soon for Microsoft's OS , although Windows 11 still hasn't meshed very well among users today.

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