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How to install XAMP on Windows

   XAMPP is the most popular software package which is used to set up a PHP development environment
for web services by providing all the required software components.
The XAMPP server is used to test PHP pages. It works as local server.
It contains a MySQL database to manage or save data on a local server.
XAMPP is free and easy to use and easily
It is a beginners friendly solution package for full stack web development.
It is a open source software package which gives a easy installation experience.
Software components of XAMPP:
  • Apache plays the role of processing the HTTP request.
  • It is the actual default web server application. It is the most popular web servers maintained by Apache Software Foundation.
  • MySQL The role of database management system in XAMPP is played by MySQL. It helps to store and manage collected
  • data very efficiently. It is an open-source and most popular.
  • PHP is the server-side scripting language which stand for Hypertext Preprocessor.

    Step 1:

    Go to Apache Friends to download XAMPP installer.
    click Next button.
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    Choose the root directory path to set up the htdocs folder for our applications. For example C:\xampp.
    Click the Allow access button to allow the XAMPP modules from the Windows firewall.
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    Let MySql, phpMyAdmin selected and click Next
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    After the installation process, click the Finish button of the XAMPP Setup wizard.
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    Now the XAMPP icon is clearly visible on the right side of start menu. Show or Hide can be set by using
    the control panel by clicking on the icon.
    To start Apache and MySql, just click on the Start button on the control panel.
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    Check the port , must be free
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    Verify that everything works by typing in the browser http://localhost/number of the port (80 or other)
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    To access into phpMyAdmin type http://localhost:80/phpmyadmin/
    How to install XAMP on Windows
    To see the configuration of php type http://localhost:80/dashboard/phpinfo.php
    How to install XAMP on Windows
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