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ChatGPT, do you know that AI can be used via WhatsApp or Telegram?

ChatGPT, do you know that AI can be used via WhatsApp or Telegram?


Here's how it works

Not everyone knows that the ChatGPT feature can also be accessed on WhatsApp and Telegram. Here are the long-awaited instructions from users who are eager to use the most talked about AI.
In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about ChatGPT, the generative artificial intelligence technology with a thousand possible uses, from complex calculations to writing an article. Many do not know that it is not at all complicated to access it: just a few clicks on our smartphone.
At the moment OpenAI does not offer a mobile application for its chatbot, but some developers have ported ChatGPT directly to WhatsApp, and the new resource is very simple to use . Let's take Shmooz AI: just go to the site and press the "Start Shmoozing" button. When a pop-up appears, indicating that the WhatsApp account has been found, click on "Continue and go to chat". At that point, all that remains is to start the conversation, after accepting the terms of use, and the game is done!

ChatGPT resources on our smartphone

Shmooz AI also offers an image generator, in addition to the chatbot function . To access it you need to go to "Picture" and enter a prompt (for example "dog on the carpet"). All free for the first 20 requests, after which you will be required to take out a $9.99 subscription that offers unlimited messages and more advanced AI.
Among other developers offering the same innovative service on WhatsApp using the ChatGPT API is WizAI . Again free of charge for the first 5 requests, then at €4.99 for the version based on ChatGPT-3.5. And judging by the numbers, it's already quite a success: the app has over 50,000 users and more than 800,000 messages sent by its robot on WhatsApp. While Mobile GPT for 20 dollars offers a version based on GPT-4, with the generation of images thanks to the prompt AI Stable Diffusion XL.
And again, you can opt for WhatGPT, another service that creates beautiful digital images and promises perfect text summaries of YouTube videos and voice . Buddy GPT, in addition to guaranteeing all the features of its competitors, has the advantage of being able to work also on Telegram, at a cost of $5.99 for the text version and a little more for images (up to 50 requests). Once you have tried one of these solutions you will not be able to do without it.

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